Can provide our vehicles with or without the drivers upon the clients request.


Our job is to provide highly maintained vehicles to ensure the highest efficiency.


For all of our vehicles we offer fast delivery and scheduled follow up.

Masa Petroleum Services provide more than 100+ vehicles for annually rent such as cars of various types and models such as buses, Coasters, and Toyota Hi-Ace with or without driver. The vehicles are available for all tasks including transportation of workers to and from field sites and office headquarters.


We Provide Comfort, We Provide Luxury, We Provide Safety.

We serve strictly inspected and maintained vehicles, all with professional drivers.

We serve pick-up trucks, single or double cabins upon request.

We serve Buses and Toyota Coasters to transport all numbers of passengers.

We serve all kinds of micro-buses to transport small numbers of passengers.

We provide the latest vehicles with the highest degree of safety, which have comprehensive insurance, airbags, Anti-Skid systems, monitor speed and fire extinguishers. Furthermore, our strict safety policies urge us to hire only the most qualified drivers after they are tested to prove their capabilities, and are checked for a clean record.