HSE Policy

The goal of MASA Petroleum Services management system policy is to achieve and maintain full customer satisfaction and provide a safe and healthful working environment and fruitful competitiveness on Oil & Gas services market. The strategic objectives include:

Providing our customers with the right product and service that meet their requirements and expectations.

Ensuring integrity, health and welfare of our employees.

Promoting a strategy of continues improvement and prevention of pollution.

Complying with all relevant occupational health & safety & environment protection regulations and other requirements subscribed by the organization.

Identifying, analyzing and managing significant occupational health and safety risks and environmental aspects.

Preserving the natural resources by using recycling systems and by efficient consumption of energy and water.

Adhering to MASA’s QHSE Policy which is “no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment “.

Our Tools

The main tools supporting such Policy are:

Quality Management System (QMS)and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&SMS) &Environmental Management System (EMS), conforming to international standards ISO 9001/2000 & OHSAS 18001/2007 & ISO 14001/2004 that govern the main business processes related to:

-    Identification of customer needs

-    Strategic planning

-    Effective supplier and contractor management; marketing and after             sales services…. etc.

-    Training employees at all levels to work safely and to understand the             nature of any hazard or environmental aspects and the reasons for               preventative measures.

-    Initiating and operating safe working procedures and monitoring all               working areas, processes and methods, with the objective of improving       standards of quality occupational health & safety & environment                   protection.


◎ An organizational structure that guarantees the adequacy and safety of the human resources needed to achieve targets, through a safe environment.
◎ A cost management and monitoring system that allows the impact of poor quality and business efficiency to be evaluated.
◎ Facilitate and motivate the environment of continual improvement and related activities.
◎ Communicating this policy to all employees and interested.
◎ Reviewing the policy annually at the management review.