Gauge Specifications


Key Benefits

· Field-proven, rugged, accurate, and reliable

· Increased run life on equipment

· Provides real-time downhole monitoring

· uCommand high speed data update

· Maximizes production

· World-wide service and support


11 Available Channels:

· Intake/Discharge Pressure

· Intake Temperature

· Motor Winding Temperature

· Vibration (X, Y, Z)

· Current Leakage

· Water Ingress

· Wye Voltage

· Gauge Input Voltage

Realtime Downhole Data Acquisition

GRC’s ESP Sensor is reliable, rugged, durable and easy to install and operate. Combined with a service team of experienced professionals, accurate data from your well to your desktop is just a click away. GRC’s broad product offering is designed for reliability regardless of the environment. For standard wells, GRC offers ESP sensor systems using rugged, accurate parallel plate gap capacitance transducers. When greater reservoir accuracy is needed, GRC offers ESP Quartz and Piezo sensors.

Gauge Key Benifits


  • Increase production by maintaining the lowest possible uid level over pump
  • Avoid premature pump-off due to inaccurate algorithms
  • Improve control over motor speed by monitoring real time bottom hole data
  • Enable automated decision making using measurements, not assumptions or calculations
  • Verify pump con guration’s actual performance and ef ciency
  • Reduce lifting cost and extend life of pump