Coiled Tubing

The provided coiled tubing utilizes up-to-date and well-tested equipment with maximum working pressure 10,000 PSI & tested pressure 15,000 PSI run by experts specialized in a wide range of coiled tubing applications.

Our coiled tubing services range from conventional to more advanced types of applications, and cover:

  • CT Pumping Operations

Fill removal, Formation matrix stimulation, Zone Isolation by pumped materials, Inorganic Organics scale removing, Nitrogen lifting, Water shut off, others.

  • CT Mechanical Operations

Setting a Mechanical Plug, Fishing, Logging, Perforating, Milling Scale, others.


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Nitrogen Services

Our Experts has long standing experience in nitrogen lifting, offering an array of N2 equipment supply a continuous flow of N2 & Max. Flow rate 3000 SCF/min. with 10,000 psi.

  • Nitrogen Applications

Foam Applications, Sand Washing, Unloading Wells, Gas Displacement, Perforating, Purging, Remove Differentially Stuck Pipe, Others.

Stimulation Services

Our pressure pumping systems (500 / 1000 HHP) are designed for coiled tubing support and stimulation services.

They are comprised of a twin or single 10 BBL displacement tanks, all required with controls and instrumentation and a hydraulic system to drive fluid handling and mixing. The unit complies with the strict safety standards for the industry.