We Offer

MASA provides technical consultation services in the field of subsurface and surveillance such as:

  • Technical support for artificial lift such as gas lift design, optimization and trouble shooting using different software such as Pipesim, Prosper, Wellflow and Winglue.
  • Support reviewing all wells inactive list in order to recommend the remedial actions for Rig or Rigless operation.
  • Provide all Rigless operation programs and its design such as logging using electrical slickline, coiled tubing activities and all wireline operations.
  • Provide the SOP (standard operation procedures) for all rig and rigless operations.
  • Prepare a complete well study covering reservoir well completion and well design.
  • Support in preparing network modeling linked with the individual well model.
  • Prepare and conduct training for all rig and rigless operations as well as reservoir management.
  • Support preparing complete studies for organic and inorganic scales.