Course name
Pumps Technology (Basic) Mechanical Engineering
Advanced Application & Technologies of API PumpsMechanical Engineering
Diesel EngineMechanical Engineering
Centrifugal CompressorsMechanical Engineering
Reciprocating CompressorsMechanical Engineering
Vibration AnalysisMechanical Engineering
Boiler Design & Steam RaisingMechanical Engineering
Boiler Efficiency ImprovementMechanical Engineering
Boiler Selection, Operation & Maintenance-FundamentalsMechanical Engineering
Pressure Vessels Design, Inspection & RepairMechanical Engineering
Heat Exchanger Mechanical Design & MaintenanceMechanical Engineering
Tanks Design & MaintenanceMechanical Engineering
Gas Turbine Design & SelectionMechanical Engineering
Cathodic Protection (CP)Mechanical Engineering
Painting & Coating TechnologyMechanical Engineering
Corrosion InhibitorsMechanical Engineering
Material Selection in Petroleum IndustryMechanical Engineering
Corrosion Control TechniquesMechanical Engineering
Fundamentals of Low Temperature & Cryogenic TanksMechanical Engineering
Design, Fabrication & Inspection of Pressure Vessels According to ASME VIII DIV 1Mechanical Engineering
Pressure Vessels & Tanks Fitness for Service Assessment (API 579-1/ASME FFS-1)Mechanical Engineering
HVAC System DesignMechanical Engineering
3D Reservoir Dynamic ModelingReservoir Engineering
Petroleum Reservoir EngineeringReservoir Engineering
Thermal Recovery Methods for Heavy Oil FieldsReservoir Engineering
Oil Reserves CalculationReservoir Engineering
Gas Condensate ReservoirsReservoir Engineering
Reservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir EngineersReservoir Engineering
Paraffin, Asphaltene and Scale in Crude Oils: Theory, Problems and SolutionsReservoir Engineering
Water flooding Technologies and Field PracticesReservoir Engineering
Water Shut-Off and Conformance Improvement TechnologiesReservoir Engineering
Drilling OptimizationDrilling Engineering
Drilling OperationDrilling Engineering
Cementing OperationDrilling Engineering
Advanced Deepwater Drilling and CompletionDrilling Engineering
Pre-IWCF Well ControlDrilling Engineering
Offshore Drilling TechnologyDrilling Engineering
Stuck Pipe PreventionDrilling Engineering
Casing and CementingDrilling Engineering
Choice and Evaluation of Crude Oil Treatment ChemicalsChemical Engineering
Open Hole Logging and Formation EvaluationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Applied Petrophysics in Reservoir CharacterizationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Applied Core Analysis & InterpretationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Cased Hole Logging and Formation EvaluationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Well Placement FundamentalsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Basic Production LoggingPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Advanced Production LoggingPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Seismic Analysis & Stratigraphic SequencesPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Advance Seismic PetrophysicsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Basic Seismic InversionPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Mapping Subsurface StructuresPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Geographical Information SystemPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Coring & Core Analysis ? Reservoir GeologyPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Petrel, 3D Geological Modelling Petrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
2D & 3D Seismic Reservoir AnalysisPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Exploration Petroleum Data Management SystemPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Operation & Well Site GeologyPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
PVT Analysis and Equation of State for Compositional SimulationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Well Site Geological Activity In Hydrocarbon ExplorationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Tight Gas Petro physicsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Fundamentals Of Oil & Gas Exploration And DrillingPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Integrated Reservoir Characterization & Geo ? Engineering ModelingPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Characterization & Evaluation Of Sandstone & Carbonate ReservoirsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Facies Analysis and Sequence StratigraphyPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Basic Clastic and Carbonate SedimentologyPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Applied Geostatistic for Oil & GasPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Exploration Data Contouring, Mapping & Interpretation Petrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Advanced Seismic InterpretationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Structural Geology & Depositional Environments in Petroleum Exploration and ProductionPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Well Site Geologist OperationsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Advanced Structural GeologyPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Basic PetrophysicsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Petroleum Geology for Non GeologistsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Analysis Or Structural Traps in Extensional Settings (ESS)Petrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
QA/ QC Skills In Subsurface MappingPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Geological ManagementPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Petrophysics In Unconventional ReservoirPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Solids Control SystemsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Borehole Seismic TechnologyPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Advanced Structural Geology with Geo-Mechanical ApplicationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Integrated Carbonate Reservoir CharacterizationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Geo-MechanicsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
2D & 3D Seismic Pre & Post Stack Modeling and Synthetics Methods & ToolsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Building Geo Database (GlS)Petrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Arc GIS Data Management for Petroleum (GISD)Petrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Reservoir Seismic Attributes: Analysis & InterpretationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
QC of Raw & Processed Seismic Data and Acquisition Parameters OptimizationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
QC of Raw and Petrophysical DataPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Seismic Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation Petrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Arc GlS Portal & Real-Time GlS with Arc GlS Geo-Event Processor for ServerPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy & Application to Petroleum ReservoirsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Applied Sequence Stratigraphy in Carbonates & Siliciclastic SystemsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Integration of Petrophysics and Core AnalysisPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Seismic Emerging of Subsurface GeologyPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Managing Risks and Strategic Decisions in Petroleum Exploration & ProductionPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Advanced Petrophysics and Formation EvaluationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Cased ? Hole Logging Tools & Production EvaluationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Uncertainty and Risk AnalysisPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Paleo_ecology and Paleo-enviromentalPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Applied Petroleum GeologyPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Development GeologyPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Advanced Structural GeologyPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Clastic ReservoirsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Prospect & Play Assessment in Hydrocarbon Exp.Petrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Petroleum GeochemistryPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Carbonate ReservoirsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Subsurface Geology & Reservoir MappingPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Fluviatile &Deltaic Depositional EnvironmentsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Depositional System & Facies AnalysisPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
HHydrocarbon Evaluation & InterpretationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Basic Seismic ExplorationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Seismic Data ProcessingPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Fundamentals of Seismic Acquisition, Processing and InterpretationPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Practical Seismic Data ProcessingPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Seismic StratigraphyPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Seismic Attributes AnalysisPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Subsurface Seismic Data InversionPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Seismic Reservoir Characterization, 3D & 4D SeismicPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Advanced Seismic Data InversionPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Characteristics of Fractured ReservoirsPetrophyiscs, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics
Specification for Piping ComponentsPiping & Pipeline Engineering
Piping Design & FabricationPiping & Pipeline Engineering
Piping Stress AnalysisPiping & Pipeline Engineering
Piping Dynamic AnalysisPiping & Pipeline Engineering
Underground EngineeringPiping & Pipeline Engineering
Valves Technology (Basic)Piping & Pipeline Engineering
Valves Technology (Advanced)Piping & Pipeline Engineering
Fundamentals of Piping DesignPiping & Pipeline Engineering
Detailed Piping DesignPiping & Pipeline Engineering
Subsea Pipeline DesignPiping & Pipeline Engineering
Gas Transmission & Distribution According to ASME B31.8Piping & Pipeline Engineering
Onshore Pipeline DesignPiping & Pipeline Engineering
Pipeline PiggingPiping & Pipeline Engineering
Pipeline System Specifications Calculation, Simulation and Valves Piping & Pipeline Engineering
Instrument Pre-installation & Installation GuidelinesInstrumentation & Control
Instrumentation in Hazardous LocationInstrumentation & Control
Basics of Instrumentation & ControlInstrumentation & Control
Process MeasurementsInstrumentation & Control
Flow Measurements (Basic)Instrumentation & Control
Flow Measurements (Advanced)Instrumentation & Control
Boiler ControlInstrumentation & Control
Control Valve EngineeringInstrumentation & Control
Process Control (Basic)Instrumentation & Control
Process Control System (Advanced)Instrumentation & Control
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)(Basic)Instrumentation & Control
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)(Advanced)Instrumentation & Control
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA)Instrumentation & Control
Distributed Control System (DCS)Instrumentation & Control
Advanced DCS & SIS Control PhilosophyInstrumentation & Control
Field Bus FoundationInstrumentation & Control
On-line Analyzers & Vibration MeasurementsInstrumentation & Control
Hydraulic/Pneumatic Control TechnologyInstrumentation & Control
Emergency Shutdown System (ESDS)Instrumentation & Control
Distillation Column ControlInstrumentation & Control
Repair & Strengthening of Concrete StructureCivil Engineering
Structural Design of Pipe rackCivil Engineering
Civil Software Application (SAP, SAFE &STAAD)Civil Engineering
Equipment Foundation DesignCivil Engineering
Electrical Hazardous Area ClassificationElectrical Engineering
Power Protection SystemElectrical Engineering
Lightening Protection SystemElectrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering & InstallationElectrical Engineering
Electrical Pre-Installation & Installation GuidelinesElectrical Engineering
Safe Practices in Electric HazardsElectrical Engineering
Electrical Cabling SystemElectrical Engineering
Earthing System & Lightning ProtectionElectrical Engineering
UPS & Battery SystemElectrical Engineering
Fundamentals of Power System & GenerationElectrical Engineering
Lighting System DesignElectrical Engineering
Offshore SafetyHealth & Safety
Risk AnalysisHealth & Safety
Incident / Accident InvestigationHealth & Safety
Industrial SafetyHealth & Safety
Construction Safety ManagementHealth & Safety
H2S & Using Breathing ApparatusHealth & Safety
Handling of Hazardous ChemicalHealth & Safety
First AidHealth & Safety
Defensive DrivingHealth & Safety
Control of Work (COW) ProgramHealth & Safety
Fire Fighting TechniquesHealth & Safety
Rigging Safety & Lifting OperationsHealth & Safety
HSE LeadershipHealth & Safety
Confined Space EntryHealth & Safety
Working At Heights & ScaffoldsHealth & Safety
Introduction to Risk during CommissioningHealth & Safety
Energy IsolationHealth & Safety
HSE InductionHealth & Safety
Controlling Emergencies at Offshore InstallationHealth & Safety
Controlling Emergencies at Onshore FacilitiesHealth & Safety
Risk Assessment & Risk ManagementHealth & Safety
HAZOPHealth & Safety
Basic of Radiation SafetyHealth & Safety
Pollution Prevention in Oil & Gas IndustryHealth & Safety
Environmental AwarenessHealth & Safety
Functional Safety EngineeringHealth & Safety
Basic Safety OrientationHealth & Safety
Safety Observation & Conversation (SOC)Health & Safety
Office & Home SafetyHealth & Safety
Spill Control & Clean UPHealth & Safety
Production Optimization Using Nodal AnalysisProduction Engineering
Production System SimulationProduction Engineering
Gas Lift Optimization & TroubleshootingProduction Engineering
Well Test AnalysisProduction Engineering
Suck Rod PumpingProduction Engineering
Gas Reservoir EngineeringProduction Engineering
Applied Reservoir EngineeringProduction Engineering
Water Injection Design & ApplicationProduction Engineering
Cased Hole LoggingProduction Engineering
Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques & Screening (EOR)Production Engineering
Drilling Technology BasicsProduction Engineering
Well CompletionProduction Engineering
Wireline OperationProduction Engineering
Petroleum Production and Operation EngineeringProduction Engineering
Formation Damage and Matrix AcidizingProduction Engineering
Hydraulic FracturingProduction Engineering
High Viscosity Crude Oils Optimization Production TechnologyProduction Engineering
Artificial LiftProduction Engineering
Production Operation 1Production Engineering
Production Operation 2Production Engineering
New Technologies in Petroleum EngineeringProduction Engineering
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management SystemsQHSE Management Systems
OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management SystemsQHSE Management Systems
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management SystemsQHSE Management Systems
Quality Management Systems AuditingQHSE Management Systems
Health & Safety Management Systems AuditingQHSE Management Systems
Environmental Management System AuditingQHSE Management Systems
Key Performance Indicators (KPI)QHSE Management Systems
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)QHSE Management Systems
ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management SystemsQHSE Management Systems
Energy Management Systems AuditingQHSE Management Systems
Suppliers / Contractors Qualifications & EvaluationProcurement
Fundamentals of PurchasingProcurement
Developing Skills of Purchasing SpecialistsProcurement
Welding Inspection & Quality Control ProceduresProcurement
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)Procurement
Periodic Inspection Procedures for Gas & Oil EquipmentProcurement
Material Management Systems (MMS)Procurement
Stock Management & Inventory ControlProcurement
Customs ProceduresProcurement
Supply Chain ManagementProcurement
Database Concepts & AdministrationInformation Technology
SQL BasicInformation Technology
Microsoft Office Word 2018Information Technology
Microsoft Office Excel 2018Information Technology
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2018Information Technology
Introduction to Human Resources Management (HRM)Human Resources & Development
Interviewing SkillsHuman Resources & Development
Recruitment & SelectionHuman Resources & Development
Training Needs AssessmentHuman Resources & Development
Training Evaluation & ROIHuman Resources & Development
Developing Skills of Training SpecialistsHuman Resources & Development
Strategic HR ManagementHuman Resources & Development
Talent ManagementHuman Resources & Development
Performance Management (HR Perspective)Human Resources & Development
Accounting for Non AccountantsFinance
Accounting TerminologyFinance
Financial PlanningFinance
Financial ManagementFinance
Customers SatisfactionMarketing & Business Development
Strategic MarketingMarketing & Business Development
Principles of MarketingMarketing & Business Development
Managing Customers Relations (MCR)Marketing & Business Development
Developing an Effective Marketing PlanMarketing & Business Development
Advanced Presentation Skills & Public SpeakingManagement Concepts & Techniques
Effective Planning (Basic)Management Concepts & Techniques
Advanced Time ManagementManagement Concepts & Techniques
Interpersonal SkillsManagement Concepts & Techniques
Technical Writing ReportManagement Concepts & Techniques
Effective Business WritingManagement Concepts & Techniques
Email EtiquetteManagement Concepts & Techniques
Effective NegotiationsManagement Concepts & Techniques
Advanced Negotiation SkillsManagement Concepts & Techniques
Problem Solving & Decision MakingManagement Concepts & Techniques
Motivating OthersManagement Concepts & Techniques
Running Effective MeetingsManagement Concepts & Techniques
Effective CommunicationManagement Concepts & Techniques
Body Language & Non-Verbal CommunicationManagement Concepts & Techniques
Advanced Communication SkillsManagement Concepts & Techniques
Effective PresentationsManagement Concepts & Techniques
Planning, Organizing and DelegationManagement Concepts & Techniques
Good Work HabitsManagement Concepts & Techniques
Dealing With Difficult peopleManagement Concepts & Techniques
Supervisory SkillsManagement Concepts & Techniques
Coaching SkillsManagement Concepts & Techniques
Leadership Skills (Basic)Management Concepts & Techniques
Leadership & EmpowermentManagement Concepts & Techniques
Effective Project ManagementProject Management
Project Risk ManagementProject Management
Project Management & Tender PreparationProject Management
Effective Contract ManagementProject Management
Bidding & Pricing StrategiesProject Management
Project Management PracticesProject Management
Projects Execution StrategiesProject Management
PMP Preparation CourseProject Management
RMP Preparation courseProject Management
PLMP Preparation courseProject Management
Requirement Management of ProjectsProject Management
Project Management: The Basics for SuccessProject Management
Time Management for Personal & Professional ProductivityProject Management
Business Design From Idea to StartupProject Management
Building High-Performing TeamsProject Management
Excel Skills for Business SpecializationProject Management
Basic of Project ControlsProject Controls
Project Planning & SchedulingProject Controls
Basics of Cost EstimationProject Controls
Advanced Project SchedulingProject Controls
Planning, Estimating and Projects ControlProject Controls
Basic Life Support (BLS)* English editionMedical Courses
Basic Life Support (BLS)*Medical Courses
Arabic editionMedical Courses
Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)Medical Courses
Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)Medical Courses
Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)Medical Courses
Pediatrics Advanced Life Support (PALS)Medical Courses
First Aid (FA)Medical Courses
Focused Abdominal Sonography in Trauma ( FAST)Medical Courses
Heart Saver First AidMedical Courses
Heart Saver First Aid & CPR AEDMedical Courses
(HS FA CPR)Medical Courses
Aero Medical EvacuationMedical Courses
Blast InjuriesMedical Courses
Major Incident Medical Management & Support (MIMMS)Medical Courses
Steel Structure Analysis Using STAAD SoftwareSteel Structure Courses
Offshore Structural Analysis Using SACS software ? Basic CourseSteel Structure Courses
Offshore Structural Analysis Using SESAM software ? Basic courseSteel Structure Courses
Offshore Structural Analysis Using SESAM software ? Advanced courseSteel Structure Courses
SESAM Naval and Marine OperationSteel Structure Courses
Assessment of Offshore Structures Using USFOS softwareSteel Structure Courses
Sub Sea Pipeline Stability analysisSteel Structure Courses
Remote Operated Vehicles Awareness (ROV)Marine Operations
Modu StabilityMarine Operations
Helicopter Safe Re-fuelingAviation Courses
Process Simulation (general)Process Technology
Process Simulation Using HYSYSProcess Technology
Introduction to process hydraulics & P&IDProcess Technology
Fundamentals of Oil & Gas FacilitiesProcess Technology
Introduction to Oil ProcessingProcess Technology
Introduction to Gas ProcessingProcess Technology
Natural Gas DehydrationProcess Technology
Gas Drying & SweeteningProcess Technology
Cooling & Refrigeration System DesignProcess Technology
Process Fired HeatersProcess Technology
Safety Relief & Flare System DesignProcess Technology
Heat Exchanger Selection, Design & ConstructionProcess Technology
Tower InternalsProcess Technology
Separators Filtration, Selection & DesignProcess Technology
Industrial Water ConditioningProcess Technology
Air-Cooled ExchangersProcess Technology
Industrial Pollution ControlProcess Technology
Water Desalination TechnologyProcess Technology
Waste Water Treatment & Re-useProcess Technology
Loss Prevention EngineeringProcess Technology
Fire Protection System (Basic)Process Technology
Fire Protection System (Advanced)Process Technology
Fundamentals of Process Hazard AnalysisProcess Technology
Process Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment (basic)Process Technology
Fire Hazard Analysis & risk assessment (Basic)Process Technology
Fire Hazard Analysis & risk assessment (Advanced)Process Technology
Fire & Gas Detection SystemProcess Technology
Hazard Area Classification FundamentalsProcess Technology
Process Safety ManagementProcess Technology
Management of Change (MOC)Process Technology
مهارات العرض والتقديمHuman Resources & Development
مهارات ادارة الوقتHuman Resources & Development
مهارات النجاح فى الحياةHuman Resources & Development
مهارات التفكير الابداعىHuman Resources & Development
مهارات التخطيط قصير ومتوسط وطويل المدىHuman Resources & Development
مهارات ادارة الذاتHuman Resources & Development
مهارات العمل تحت ضغطHuman Resources & Development
مهارات التحفيز الذاتى وللغيرHuman Resources & Development
ادارة فريق العملHuman Resources & Development
مهارات التقديم للعمل وكتابة السيرة الذاتيةHuman Resources & Development
مهارات الاتيكيت والبروتوكولHuman Resources & Development
مهارات القيادة الفعالةHuman Resources & Development
مهارات التفاوض والاقناعHuman Resources & Development
التأهيل لسوق العملHuman Resources & Development
مهارات اتخاذ القرار وحل المشاكلHuman Resources & Development
البرمجة اللغوية العصبيةHuman Resources & Development
التخطيط للامتحاناتHuman Resources & Development
الخرائط الذهنية والتركيزHuman Resources & Development
الثقة بالنفسHuman Resources & Development
مهارات التواصل الفعال مع المديرينHuman Resources & Development
مهارات التواصل الفعال فى العملHuman Resources & Development
احكام الضرائب العامةFinance
التحليل المالىFinance
كيف تقرأ الميزانية؟Finance
اعداد وتخطيط التدفقات النقديةFinance